Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Easy Hair Style Tutorials

I have been looking for easy and do-able hair styles for a friends upcoming wedding which I will be helping with hair and make up, and I tried some on my housemates hair last night. My hands are still quite stiff, but i try to keep an open mind to be more creative and with more practice I hope to get better.

Here are a few tutorials which i find really helpful :)

Pictures are taken from Pinterest....

This youtuber, bebexo has some really easy and helpful hair tutorials too :) I especially liked her easy everyday headband haistyles.She's so creative....

Much love,

Friday, June 14, 2013

my daily beauty regime

If there is one thing to point out on what I never really bothered about growing up, it would be taking good care of my skin. I would say that I was blessed with fairly good skin. I never had pimples throughout high school (maybe the occasional zit on my nose) despite bad sleeping habits and my habit of picking and pressing my face whenever I have the chance.

However, things changed after I hit my twenties. Pimples would pop before my menstrual cycle, my pores has also enlarged due to me using make-up on a daily basis and I start noticing the forming of oil seeds (which is so hard to get rid off and is also a sign of poor skin health). There was once i had a break out on my forehead and me constantly picking on it, made it worst. Gone was skin glory days and I had better start taking care of my skin.

So I have been sticking to this beauty regime for almost a year now and I think its safe to say  that it has helped my skin condition improve.

1. Removal of Make-up

I make sure I remove all my make-up with a cotton pad, wet tissue or cue-tip before i sleep no matter how tired I am. I use the silky girl gentle eye make up remover to remove my eye liner and it works well, it is inexpensive as well about myr 15.
2. Cleanse 

I cleanse my face twice a day, in the morning when i wake up and at night. I have tried all kinds of facial cleansers and i think this suits my skin best, Clinique's facial soap, it removes all traces of make up without drying my skin. You can get it from any Clinique counters, or Sephora, where i get mine now (same price plus loyalty points = win win). I like that it lathers up too, I cant stand soaps that have no lather. It retails for myr 63 and lasts me for about 4 months.

3. Moisturize

Growing up I never saw the need of moisturizing until now...I cant skip this step especially cause most of my day is spent in an air conditioned place. I do this right after i cleanse everyday and before make up. (i skip the toning part as my soap bar removes all my make up, but if I have the extra time that day i will use my facial essence to tone) I use the  Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel by Clinique. I love that it comes with a pump, makes it easier and more hygenic. So i squeeze a tiny bit onto my hands and i massage it unto my face until it is completely absorbed and it leaves my skin feeling soft and velvety. It costs myr 170.00 but a 125ml bottle goes a long way. If you have dry skin, the Moisture Surge is very good too.

4. Exfoliating and Masks

I do this at least once a week. I grew up using and really liking the St. Ives Apricot Scrub until I read that its a product that dermatologists cringe upon because the apricot seeds is very rough leaving microscopic cuts in your skin that is bad. It kinda makes sense to me, so I have ever since avoided it on my face.

Now, I use a neutrogena exfoliating wash and also the ginvera marvel gel. I like the latter because its very gentle, and you can see your dead skin and dirt forming after you massage it on your face. :) From time to time, I also use sheet masks.

I also try eating food that is good for my skin such as almonds, natural yoghurt, fruits and drink lots of water.
If you don't have a beauty regime, you should and its never too late to start! :D

tres chic workdays

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wreck it Ralph shenanigans

Have you watched it yet? It is so so good, watch it watch it and you will not regret it. That's two watch it's for you right there.

So Ralph is the bad guy in a fix it Felix arcade game. So Ralph wrecks the building and Felix with his magic hammer fixes it. After the arcade shuts down, poor Ralph goes home...but guess what :( he doesn't have a home, he stays in a dumpster. Anyways watch it!

Post wreck it Ralph conversation with my other half,
Me: hun hun, how would u rate wreck it ralph? I rate it 9! I love it, the concept is so smart yadayadayadA
Stevo: it's allright,.I'll give it a 6 maybe.
Me: whatttttt a 6, that's so low....*tries to convince him to give a higher rating* okay...then me...how would you rate me? *shiok sendiri mode*
Stevo: 11 *inserts cheesy face*
Me: *rolls eyes*
Stevo: expect during your pms-y days, where you are in a funny mode then your a 4.
Me: whaaaaaat! A 4, that's so low...*continues asking for attention hoping for a better rating*

Its the hormones bah..

Malaysia's GE 13

All the hoohah which has been going on for a while has lead to today, my tanah air's 13th election.

I am a first time voter. And leading to this, I was flooded with information to be mindful about the dirty tricks that might be used which made me rather nervous...fast forward to today, I arrived at a primary school in melaka at about 9am. Everything was orderly, with a 50 meters line ahead of me. In about 20 minutes, I was in the school ready to be verified.

After I got inked on my finger, I carefully collected my 2 ballots, one for dun klebang and one more for parliament tangga batu and headed to my pooling booth. I cast my votes bearing in mind to not stain my paper. Soon after I dropped my ballots in the clear see through box. Thank you God for the smooth process.

I don't know how exactly the process will be after this, but I pray that my vote will be made count. Somehow nowadays every time I think about tanahairku where I spent all my life in, I get a pang of sadness. There are still a lot of goodness I encounter around me despite all the negativity and I hope she recovers soon to be healthy again.

“hope is a good thing. maybe the best of good things. and no good thing ever dies”
― the shawshank redemption

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sleek i-Divine make up palette

I recently purchased my first sleek i-divine make up palette from luxola.com, a singaporean beauty website. There was even a discount for your first time purchase, so this palette cost me less than rm50. Very reasonable for a palette with 12 colours. The best thing I like about this palette is it's compact size, makes it easy for me to bring it anywhere.

Colours are pigmented, comes with a mirror, only drawback is that it came with a sponge applicator instead of a brush...but hey for that price I still think it's a great buy. It has a compartment for the brush which makes it a major plus point for me.

i-Divine sleek make up palatte

Below is my favorite everyday look using the palette,
1. Highlight all over using a mixture of bow and organza.
2. Used wrapped up as all over eye lid colour.
3. Apply gift basket colour in the middle of my lids blending towards inner corners of my eyes.
4. Apply boxed colour at the outer crease and blend.
5. Go back with bow color to blend away any harsh lines and apply eyeliner.
6. Take organza colour and use to highlight inner corners and finish off with mascara.

Look using i-Divine make up palette

That's all for now,

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The calm before the storm

Haha..very extreme title. Just thought of writing this down to serve as memory.

So yesterday...I was involved in a minor accident. I was headed somewhere else for work that day, a difference route,and halfway there I hit someone from the back, and she hit someone in front of her.  I would like to think I handled it quite well. Stopped my car by the side of the busy highway, came down and looked at the damage I caused.

So thankfully we were all woman, so no angry man involved. No shouting no drama just us, 3 woman on the way to work pretty clueless what to do next. They made some phone calls, took pictures of the damage, took pictures of my license and of me. =_= I saw a little girl buckled to a baby chair sitting at the back seat of the myvi I bumped into and I was so so thankful that everyone was okay.

Ugh idiot me. I was not focused. And I caused trouble for people and probably added more jam to the jam that morning. Anyways after the exchanging of numbers, and my 100th sorry we went our ways. Then I got into the car, started shaking, called my boyfriend and started sobbing.

I've made a police report, and fingers crossed everything will go smoothly with the insurance and repairs and all that.

Points to remember, point one focus sarah focus. Point two, do not be in a rush.

Xoxo, sarah t