Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wreck it Ralph shenanigans

Have you watched it yet? It is so so good, watch it watch it and you will not regret it. That's two watch it's for you right there.

So Ralph is the bad guy in a fix it Felix arcade game. So Ralph wrecks the building and Felix with his magic hammer fixes it. After the arcade shuts down, poor Ralph goes home...but guess what :( he doesn't have a home, he stays in a dumpster. Anyways watch it!

Post wreck it Ralph conversation with my other half,
Me: hun hun, how would u rate wreck it ralph? I rate it 9! I love it, the concept is so smart yadayadayadA
Stevo: it's allright,.I'll give it a 6 maybe.
Me: whatttttt a 6, that's so low....*tries to convince him to give a higher rating* okay...then would you rate me? *shiok sendiri mode*
Stevo: 11 *inserts cheesy face*
Me: *rolls eyes*
Stevo: expect during your pms-y days, where you are in a funny mode then your a 4.
Me: whaaaaaat! A 4, that's so low...*continues asking for attention hoping for a better rating*

Its the hormones bah..

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