Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sleek i-Divine make up palette

I recently purchased my first sleek i-divine make up palette from, a singaporean beauty website. There was even a discount for your first time purchase, so this palette cost me less than rm50. Very reasonable for a palette with 12 colours. The best thing I like about this palette is it's compact size, makes it easy for me to bring it anywhere.

Colours are pigmented, comes with a mirror, only drawback is that it came with a sponge applicator instead of a brush...but hey for that price I still think it's a great buy. It has a compartment for the brush which makes it a major plus point for me.

i-Divine sleek make up palatte

Below is my favorite everyday look using the palette,
1. Highlight all over using a mixture of bow and organza.
2. Used wrapped up as all over eye lid colour.
3. Apply gift basket colour in the middle of my lids blending towards inner corners of my eyes.
4. Apply boxed colour at the outer crease and blend.
5. Go back with bow color to blend away any harsh lines and apply eyeliner.
6. Take organza colour and use to highlight inner corners and finish off with mascara.

Look using i-Divine make up palette

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