Friday, March 8, 2013

Organizing my accesories

Over the years I have been collecting accessories, some purchased and some gifted...earrings, bracelets, beads..but I've never really organized them up till recently.

I found a very inexpensive way to organize them, especially for necklaces as they get tangled up easily. Bought this plastic storage box from Daiso with many small compartments and a wooden box for my hand bracelets. You can customize and paint the box as you like too if you don't like the default design.. I would make cute labels :) I might do that one day if I have the time. Its a really inexpensive way to organize your accessories at only rm5.

As for my dangling earrings, I bought a metal earring holder. I got mine a few years back at jonker walk for about rm 25. I'm pretty sure you can find these metal earrings holders at flea markets and night markets, I think I've seen them at the curve weekend market.

Have a great weekend!
P.s# my wardrobe is in a mess and I'm looking for a way to organize it.

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